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Engaging the Unreached and Untouchable

Leprosy in 21st Century

Running a missions ministry comes with a host of challenges and opportunities. Even with three college degrees, seminary, and more than two decades of pastoral experience under my belt, there are times that I still feel a bit inadequate.

Over the past eight weeks, I have been around and ministering to people with HIV, AIDS, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Malaria, Malnutrition, Dysentery, and Leprosy! Needless to say, I carry hand sanitizer with me and use it by the gallon.

When Culture Waves Global began, we knew that God was going to take us to some amazing places and minister to a variety of people. The learning curve has been huge. Every culture is different. Most of the world's cultures predate America my thousands of years. Within those broad cultures are people groups--many of which have never heard of Jesus or the Bible. We seek to carry The Gospel into these remote and sometimes difficult places.

A few short weeks ago, I found myself back in a leper colony in Pedapuram, India. Our mission team was returning there with much humanitarian aid. Through the generosity of God's people, we were able to provide nearly 2,000 pounds of rice, blankets, medical supplies, and even some banana popsicles. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to help the people in this colony.

There are children living here as well. They have a difficult life. Unable to attend school due to the their parent's illness, they are many times trained how to be professional beggars. Each day they go into the city and attempt to get enough money to purchase food for the day. Some days they are successful. Other days they are not. It is horrific pressure for someone of any age, but even worse for a young child. We are hopeful that the humanitarian support that we provide will help ease this pressure.

We are seeking people to come alongside of this ministry who can a) go back with us; and b) provide financial support that allows us to provide ongoing care for the 70+ people who live in this colony. We are also seeking to provide electronic Bibles in their language. Please contact us if you are able to help:

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