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Culture Waves Global has excellent relationships with public and private schools around the world.


Many administrators contact us throughout the year looking for native speaking English teachers to come to their country and school.  Teachers in many countries are not paid premium salaries by American standards.  Salaries are modest, but appropriate for the host country's cost of living.  Foreign teachers often receive free room and board including utilities &  internet as part of their contract.


The Next Level program is designed for college students who desire to work in a foreign country during the summer; recent graduate who want an international experience; retired school teachers who want experience a new culture; and those individuals who have a teaching degree in another field and wish to teach in a foreign country.  


Our teacher placement program is outstanding and provide continual service before, and during your teaching experience.  We will assist you in obtaining your passport and travel visa, negotiate a contract for you, and provide follow-up with you and the school administration several times during your contract to insure a wonderful experience.


Next Level Educational Opportunities include:

  • 10 day teaching tour:  (Includeds site-seeing in host country) No degree required.  No experience required.  We provide all necessary training.

  • Summer internship: This is for University students, people with college degrees, and licensed teachers.

  • 1 year placement:  Teaching degree is desired, but not required.  Must be a college graduate to participate.


Call 1-888-391-4380 or email us at for more information.

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