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Employment Opportunities

Culture Waves Global, Inc.

World Headquarters

Evansville, Indiana 47710

Tel: 1-888-391-4380

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Culture Waves Global is currently seeking university students or teachers to be help lead English Summer Camps in China.  We will take teams of 5-6 teachers to do some creative, fun, and exciting English projects that will imspire the children and make learning English fun. Compensation varies based credentials experience.

Culture Waves Global is currently seeking individuals with Master's Degrees who desire to teach in universities internationally.  Responsibilities will include a full-time teaching schedule (normally English classes), facilitate and maintain English Corner opportunities, and other responsibilities to be determined by the dean.  This is a great opportunity for seminiary graduates who are called to go internationally.

Culture Waves Global is currently seeking trip coordinators for some of the international trips.  Coordinators are individuals who have taken at least three trips with CWG, and have demonstrated excellent organizational, communication, and leadership abilities.  Stipends are paid, along wih expenses.

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