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foreRunner:  Exploring New Frontiers!


foreRunner is an exciting program designed specifically for those with a sense of adventure.  Participants in the foreRunner program travel with our president to areas of the world where we have not yet booked trips, or need more time to develop deeper relationships.  More specifically these trips are sceduled in order to broad-based partnerships and schedule future trips.


Flexibility is a must as trips are, by nature, a learning process.  We explore the host city, culture, food, and tourist venues.  At times, we will also meet with government officials and business leaders.


Future foreRunner opportunities for 2019/2020 may include:

  • Thailand

  • Romania

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia


Cost will vary by trip depending on fixed cost.  Due to the nature of these trips, the number of participants is limited.  Call toll-free 1-972-762-0227, or email us at

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