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Our Team Makes the Difference!  Our associates specialize in international Christian mission trips.


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Ron is the president of Culture Waves Global.  With nearly 25 years of pastoral experience, he understands the importance of a smooth running, safe international trip.  He has also traveled extensively, including nearly 30 cities in China.  He and his team will go to great lengths to insure that there are no surprises as you interact with those in your host country.


You may contact him directly at:

Dr. Ron Osborne.jpg

Dr. Ron Osborne, President


Judy Dong, Associate, China

Judy Dong is one of the newest members of our team.  She brings extensive experience in the area of China travel/tours.  She also provides translation services and logistics for our team. Whether you are shopping, looking for the perfect restaurant, or visiting a cultural site, Judy will be a blessing to you.

Judy is also a devout Christian and is very active in her church in Beijing.  She will be a tremendous blessing to you as you take part in one of our China mission trips.


About 42 percent of U.S. adults reported traveling by air for leisure trips taken between August 2008 and July 2009.

Source: US Travel Association


Despite its fame and glory, only  2,000 kilometers or so of the 6,500-kilometer-long Great Wall still stands.

Source: Travel China Guide

Mr. Su is one of the fist people that you will meet as you arrive in the People's Republic of China.  With more than 20 years experience, he is very capable to handle all of our ground transportation arrangements while we are in the Beijing metro area.  He is also very knowledgable regarding restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping hot-spots.

Mr. Su, Transportation Associate, Beijing

Pastor Jacob and Angel Marri are our ministry partners in Andhra Pradesh, India.  Jacob is a pastor in a tribal village.  He is passionate about winning Hindu people to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He miinisters in several tribal villages along with his pastor father.


Pastor Jacob's church also operates an orphanage.  We are currently make two trips annually to this area.

Pastor Jocob & Angel Marri, India


In 2008, almost 500,000 thousand Chinese traveled to the U.S., staying on average 23 nights and spending $7,200 per visit.

Source: US Travel Association


India has a population of 1.3 billion.  There are more than 1652 different languages & dialects.  India is broken down into 4624 different people groups.  Christians make up only 2.5% of the population making it one of most lost nations on the planet

Pastor Errol Badese is our ministry partner in Trinidad and Tobago.  He is a church planter who re-planted a church in the rural area of Brazil Village in Trinidad.  The church was closed and in a state of disrepair.  Since that time, they have grown to 35 members and are slowly renovating the church property along with the help of companies like ours.

Pastor Errol & Savitri Badese, Trinidad and Tobago

Katie is a graduate of The University of North Texas.  She also serves on our Board of Directors.  She has traveled to France, Austria, Mexico, and spent an entire month teaching English at a private English school in Inner-Mongolia.  She understands how stressful things can become leading up to an international mission trip.  She will assist you to make certain that your passport and travel visa are in order prior to submission to the host country for approval.  

Katie Burmeister, Passport & Visa Assistance


Jamaica has more churches per capita than any other nation on planet earth.

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Jamaica Link Crew.png

In Jamaica, we have chosen to partner with the fine folks at Jamaica Link Ministries.  Their mission is to glorify God by mobilizing a network of strategic partners and volunteers to equip under-resourced churches and charities for maximum Kingdom impact.  Rev. Dave Falconer is the President of this organization.

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