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Our Supported Leper Colony

In September of 2015, our medical team was made aware of a leper colony in the nearby village of Pedapuram.  Culture Waves Global was able to take some emergency supplies to these people including food, blankets, and sandals.  We are in the process of raising considerable capital in order to facilitate ongoing support for these 70+ people in this community.  


By law, they are forbidden in the city because of the disease.  Their children are not allowed in school because of fear of contracting the disease.  The end result of this is a generation of people who are trained to beg for their daily sustenence.  Please keep up with our blog for the latest information about this important ministry.

In September of 2017, we expanded this precious ministry to include the leper colony of Nidadavolu.  It is ironically located next to the city dump.  The stench was inescapable and flies were everywhere.  Yet, in spite of their sickly condition and environment, the people of this village worshipped the Lord with great joy and hope.  Culture Waves Global provided much needed food supplies for each family in the village.

March, 2016 Project
September, 2017 Project
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