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Discipleship in East Asia

Monday, I will depart for yet another trip into East Asia. I am amazed at the various ways in which God continues to use this ministry to reach the nations. As I sit in my office overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork, travel bookings, hotel accomodations, and such, my mind is already considering the impact this trip will have on the people with whom I will work.

Ongoing discipleship is what sets Cuture Waves Global apart from many other smaller non-profits who do mission trips. Many of the parachute into a culture and jump back out a week later never to return again. While these programs can make a big splash and reach people, it's not enough. We are deeply committed to reaching people with Gospel, but we are equally committed to develop lasting relationships that are Christ-centered; whereby, allowing us to disiciple them into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The Chinese have a term, 关系 (Guangxi). This describes the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence (which can be best described as the relationships individuals cultivate with other individuals) and is a central idea in Chinese society. Guangxi requires trust and can only be developed over time. Once established, a bond is formed and you are a welcome guest and part of the person's closely guarded network of friends/colleagues. Our discipleship oriented return trips to East Asia allow us to develop these close bonds. These relationships give us inroads to others within their sphere of friends in order that we might make Christ known to them as well.

I covet your prayers as I travel for the next month.

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